Crutch Policy

Students who require the use of crutches and/or orthopedic devices must report to the Health Office following injury and/or upon returning to school following a surgical procedure. Students will receive a Health Office pass and should maintain it in their possession during the use of such devices. Faculty/staff may check a pass to verify the student has reported to the Health Office.

When the student reports to the Health Office, the School Nurse will instruct the student on safe crutch usage within the school building. Safety will be stressed including stairs, hallways, school entrances, floors, seasonal issues, assemblies, etc.

Accommodations (early classroom dismissal, assistance with books, assistance in the hallways between each class, premium classroom seating assignments) will be implemented for every student in this category. Physician orders are required to be excused from P.E. or swimming.

Additional accommodations (medications, icing, elevation orders, dress code alteration) may be implemented based on need.

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