Medication Policy

If your son requires prescription or nonprescription medication during school hours, the administration of this medication must be supervised by the School Nurse. Any medication brought to school must be delivered to the Health Office where it will be kept in a locked cabinet. Students should not carry medication(s) on their person or keep it in their lockers or backpacks.

The School Nurse must also be notified if the student is required to carry an inhaler.

When sending medication to school, please adhere to the following procedures:

  1. The Medication Authorization Form must be completed annually by a physician and a parent/guardian. It will be necessary to renew the form annually.
  2. Prescription medication must be brought to the Health Office in the original pharmacy container with the pharmacy label intact.
  3. Non-prescription medication, also known as Over-the-Counter medication, must also be in the original package with the student’s name affixed to the container.
  4. If medication doses or times change, a parent/guardian must notify the School Nurse. A new Medication Authorization Form will be required.
  5. It is recommended that students who are required to carry an inhaler, keep an extra inhaler in the Health Office. (THE USE OF INHALERS REQUIRES AN INHALER AUTHORIZATION FORM TO BE COMPLETED).
  6. A Nebulizer Authorization Form is available if a student is required to perform such treatment during school hours.
  7. A Policy Statement of Liability for all medication(s) must be completed and signed by parent/guardian annually.

No medication can be given unless these guidelines are followed. The intent of these guidelines is to provide for the safest administration of medication. If you have any questions, please contact the School Nurse at (773) 429-4350.

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