School Songs

Brother Rice Fight Song

Hail our Crusader team.
As it advances in the fray;
For what though the foe assail,
Our Maroon and Orange will gain the day;
And we’ll cheer for Brother Rice,
And we shall wave our banners free;
Fight fellows, one and all,
And we shall sing of victory.
(Second Ending)
And we shall break right through,
Straight and true,
On to victory.

Brother Rice Alma Mater

In praise of thee, O Alma Mater,
In memory of thy noble name,
We pledge our life and our allegiance,
To spread thy virtues and thy fame;
While students gather ‘round thy altar,
with tribute and devotion due,
To Brother Rice, our Alma Mater,
We’ll e’er be loyal and true.

Our friends of years so linked together,
Will wander thru the dying day.
And closest friendships we may sever,
As down thru life we wend our way;
Thy sons well guarded from all sorrow,
Will ever blazon forth the fame
Of Brother Rice, our Alma Mater,
And proudly bear thy name.

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