The FOCUS program at Brother Rice High School is designed to meet the needs of particular students who may experience difficulties in competing in and completing academic high school programs.

The objectives of the FOCUS program are:

  • To improve study skills and academic achievement
  • To provide academic growth in order to maintain necessary standards for graduation
  • To improve attitudes toward learning and formal education by fostering academic success
  • To prepare students with the necessary skills to be mainstreamed with the academic student population

Students are identified in three ways

  1. Scores in the 25th or lower percentile on the entrance exam
  2. Elementary schools’ recommendation to the program
  3. Students meeting the first two requirements are enrolled in a mandatory four-week summer school program consisting of the teaching of basic English skills and general mathematics

The FOCUS program involves two years of FOCUS courses taught by select teachers.  Beginning with the students’ Junior year, they are partially mainstreamed into general courses while complete immersion takes place during their Senior year.

The curriculum is based upon the requirements needed for college entrance.  The Guidance Department works closely with the FOCUS program, especially as students make decisions about their future education,

Incoming Freshman Courses:

  • English I
  • Pre Algebra*
  • Reading or Geography**
  • Theology***
  • World History
  • Physical Education/Microsoft Office

*Some may take Algebra depending upon teacher recommendation and test scores.
**If a student’s test scores indicate he is reading at or close to level, he will take a geography class instead of reading.

Sophomore Courses:

  • English II
  • Algebra or Geometry
  • Theology***
  • Biology (with lab)
  • French I
  • Physical Education/Elective
  • Elective

All Sophomore students must take 6 classes.

Junior Courses

  • English III
  • U.S. History
  • Chemistry
  • Theology
  • French II
  • Geometry or Algebra II
  • Elective

All Junior students must take 6 classes.

Senior Courses:

  • All Seniors must take 6 classes.  There are no specific FOCUS classes on this level.

Annually, students are reevaluated to determine their placement in the next academic year.

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