Edmund Rice Society

Edmund Rice Society – This organization is a group of parents, sons, and students who are actively involved in helping the homeless. Each month, from October to April, families prepare meals at a P.A.D.S. shelter, and students serve the meals. The group is about living out Edmund Rice’s concern for the poor.


Edmund Rice Society Meeting – Tuesday, October 3

The Edmund Rice Society will serve PADS once again and your service to this endeavor is greatly appreciated. Our first order of business is to “Collaborate and Share Responsibility for the Mission.” We will have an organizational meeting on Tuesday, October 3, at 7:00 P.M. in the Edmund Ignatius Rice Chapel at Brother Rice High School. Please spread the word about how we “Stand in Solidarity with those Marginalized by Poverty and Injustice.” You never know how many people would love to join our mission. For we truly “Celebrate the Value and Dignity of each Person and Nurture the Development of the Whole Person.” In God we Trust.

Beauty, Peace, and Light,
Marty Grogan

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