Do I have to register for the test before January 9th?
No. The application process begins the day of the test. In addition to the test, the applicants will need to provide family, school, and church information. They will bring home a letter from the principal, intent-to-register form, a foreign-language-preference form, etc. Calculators are not allowed on our exam. We do give extra time, per IEP plans.
What if my son tests at another school and changes his mind?
Students make a commitment to a school when they take the test; if that changes we will consider accepting them. Students who test at Brother Rice will have the first opportunity to be considered for acceptance. If we have room after we interview all of the students who take the test at Brother Rice, then we will consider the students who wish to transfer their scores.
Do I have to be Catholic to attend Brother Rice?
No. We have a large population of students who are not Catholic. You will be required to take four years of Theology and attend all school Masses, but you will not be required to become a Catholic.
What are my chances of being accepted at Brother Rice?
Brother Rice offers a diverse academic program. We offer an APEX program that will challenge the brightest students, a PREP program to prepare students for college, and a FOCUS program for students who need extra help. Therefore, we are able to accept most of the students who take the test.
Has Brother Rice reached its maximum capacity?
We have not reached our maximum capacity. Brother Rice is a large school with a small school atmosphere. You can be assured that our class sizes will be low or lower, and our course and extracurricular offerings will be higher than other schools, no matter how our enrollments compare.
Can I play more than one sport at Brother Rice?
Yes. We feel that this is your four years and we will encourage you to play as many sports as you want. For example, seventeen of our twenty-two freshmen baseball players participated in more than one sport last year. We will not make you choose one sport!
Does Brother Rice offer financial aid?
Yes. We offer financial aid based on need. After you take the entrance exam, you will be asked to fill out the proper forms. An outside agency will review every student and decide which students receive aid.
Any questions please call 773-429-4312 or email Tim O’Connell ’03 at

From the Office of Catholic Schools


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