Brother Rice Lends a “Helping Hand”

The Brother Rice Robotics Club, working with the Brother Rice Advocacy Club, is sponsoring the HELPING HANDS PROJECT.

The clubs are encouraging students to use this Lenten Season to ask family, friends, and neighbors to make a small monetary donation, which will be used to buy the materials to build prosthetic hands, right here at Brother Rice High School.  Each hand is constructed with materials that can be purchased for about $30.  This small donation is enough to create a prosthetic hand for a child who has lost a hand and whose family is not able to provide a prosthetic one for him.

Brother Rice students who bring in a $30 donation will actually build the hand on their own with the help of the Robotics Club members.  Once the hands are built, they will be shipped to needy children all over the globe.

The clubs intend to build the hands on the evening of April 19th at the school.  The Brother Rice students have been asked to donate to this cause as part of their gift of Lenten alms for the poor; if you would like to donate, too, please talk to a Brother Rice student or contact Advocacy Club moderator Mr. Mike Dolan at

Please join us in making a difference for children in need.

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