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Justin Matthew and Michael VFW Brother Rice 2016

The Standard: Recognition for Brother Rice Students

By Charlie Zupan ‘18

Three Brother Rice students received awards this January at the Rhine VFW #2729 ceremony in Chicago for The Voice of Democracy Competition. Each student had to write and record a speech on a particular theme, and this year’s theme was “My vision for America.” Students had to write about their ideas for change in America.  Senior Matthew Sherrin, sophomore Paul Seitz, and junior Justin Aubin were the recipients of these awards. Each had his own ideas about what to change. Matthew Sherrin wrote his speech with topics on regulation of financial markets, solidarity among workers, and the fuller inclusion of a greater number of people into our society. “It was a good way to get young people thinking about the future, and I really enjoyed writing about this theme,” said Matt.

Paul Seitz wrote his speech about how he felt that veterans are unappreciated and should all have opportunity for jobs and healthcare services. Seitz, a member of the Brother Rice Band and Protege Philharmonic Orchestra who has goals of becoming a professional musician, thought America could be a place for more expression of the arts, and not just sports. He felt that the arts did not deserve to have funds cut, but instead, funding should be increased. He said, “It feels spectacular to get my ideas out, and I’m lucky to be recognized for it!”

Justin Aubin, who will move on to the state competition in Springfield, had a vision for America in his speech where we put much greater emphasis on advancing in technology, with special focus on using all clean sources of energy. He also felt a greater funding of NASA was needed. He thought NASA funding was necessary because it has created many technologies we use today, and the public loves space exploration and travel, yet low levels of funding reduces NASA’s ability to continue these things. “I am honored to receive this award, and I look forward to the judging on the state level,” said Aubin.

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