Academic Standard

The Standard: Anatomy in Action

By: Jacob Munoz ‘17

What’s on the inside? On Monday, March 27, Mr. Max Dunne’s senior anatomy class traveled to the University of St. Francis in Joliet to visit the campus’s anatomy and physiology lab. Once there, they learned about the human anatomy with professor Patricia Pascoe and her students. The annual trip serves to show students potential work done in the fields of medicine and anatomy, and can influence their career interests.

In the laboratory, the students analyzed cadavers, or deceased human bodies, through hands-on work. The class spent one hour in the lab before taking a tour of St. Francis’ campus. Mr. Dunne discussed the importance of the trip in determining whether students are cut out for certain future jobs.

“It’s kinda good to know before you start paying for school if you can handle being around a dead person or not,” he said. “Some kids have no interest in medicine, and then when they meet medical professionals and see cadavers they get interested. Some kids think they’re gonna be doctors and can’t handle it, so it’s kinda good to sort that out before they go to college.”

Senior Joseph Taylor, who is part of Mr. Dunne’s anatomy class, plans to study mechanical and electrical engineering. However, he still enjoyed the trip and took away new information. “I learned that the human heart can vary in sizes based on if something happens to the body,” Taylor said, referring to a male cadaver whose heart had grown larger to compensate for a lowered kidney.

The students were also fed burritos before entering the laboratory. Dunne’s purpose in doing this year after year is to see if the students will handle what’s in their stomachs. Taylor was able to confirm that he kept his lunch down, and that everyone in the class passed the test.

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