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Brother Rice Angelique Schoen IT Essentials

The Standard: IT Essentials for College Credit

By Mitch Davilo ‘15

IT Essentials, a dual credit class taught at Brother Rice by Mrs. Schoen, allows students to learn the ins and outs of computers. Being a dual credit class, students get the opportunity to earn college credit hours for Moraine Valley Community College if they earn a B or better than the class.

IT Essentials came to Brother Rice 2012-2013 school year. “Mr. Filan informed me about the dual credit class and expressed his interest to introduce it to Brother Rice,” explained Mrs. Schoen. “The goal was to grow our technology classes and offer a program where students can receive college credit. I saw an opportunity to teach a subject that I enjoyed and was in contact with MVCC.

Mrs. Schoen tries to challenge her students every year in her class. “There are a few things I hope my students get out of this class… I would like my students to explore this field and determine if it is something they would be interested in pursuing as a career or maybe even spark an interest for a new hobby. Secondly, I hope my students become critical thinkers and learn how to analyze situations. These skills are very valuable in life, both academically and in the working world. I hope this class sparks curiosity that students begin to question how things work and why, that they start thinking outside of the box and grow to become innovators. By the end of the year, I expect my students to have gained, at the very least, the basic knowledge of the components, proper installation techniques, and redefine their troubleshooting skills.”

Mrs. Schoen mentioned that she has high standards for her students and expects them to give 110% in class. “This course requires the student to be responsible and independent.” Surely, students will have to give 110% in this college level course.

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