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The Standard: Brother Rice Physics Trip

By Marc Ridgell ‘19

Brother Rice physics students traveled to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio, over the Christmas break. Teachers Br. Hayes and Mr. Swynenburg went with many upperclassmen on this engaging science trip. On the trip, the Crusader tourists strolled to sites such as the actual Air Force Museum, the bike shop, and Wright-Patterson Air Force base.

Junior Dan Mueller, talked about which sites the group visited during the trip: “We visited the museum for a whole day, seeing an Imax movie on aircraft carriers. On the last day we visited an original Wright Brothers bike shop.”

Another junior, Joe Case, added that within the Wright Brothers bike shop, they attended a workshop. Joe also added that one of the funniest moments on the trip happened when the group saw the half-indoor/half-outdoor pool: “In the hotel we were staying in, there was a pool that had an indoor and an outdoor section. I was able to swim under a divider and out into the 15 degree weather.”

Dan said that his funniest moment on the trip was when he and Mr. Swynenburg played the video game Mario Super Strikers in their hotel room. Dan recounted: “When we won the mushroom cup, which is like the first stage of the game, the elation of me, my three friends, and Mr. Swynenburg was one of the best moments of the trip.”

Mr. Swynenburg, humorously expressed what he learned on the trip: “[That] My Super Strikers team is amazing, especially player Dan Mueller.”

Not only can an educational trip be scholarly, but it can also contain fun little snippets that can make the trip even more enjoyable. Learning about the cool inventions of the Wright Brothers and playing video games at night sounds like a pretty splendid trip. If this sounds interesting to you, make sure to go on the next physics trip in May. This trip is also available to upperclassmen, so make sure to attend, because it sounds not only educational, but amusing.

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