Named and Memorial Scholarships

The following are named and/or memorial scholarships offered at Brother Rice High School.  Please note: Scholarships marked with (*) require the submission of a Facts online application.

Download the Named and Memorial Scholarship Form

  • Justin Antos Scholarship: Freshman Band Member; 3.0 GPA at the end of the first semester.
  • *Marlene Chocola Memorial Scholarship: 2.5 GPA; Financial Need; Appreciation for music or theater.
  • Tom Mitchell Memorial Scholarship: 2.5 GPA; Community service.
  • Daily Family Scholarship: 2.5 GPA; Financial Need; Extracurriculars.
  • Mary Dolan Scholarship: 2.0 Cumulative GPA; Irish descent.
  • Tony Hanrahan Memorial Scholarship: Math achievement; leadership; lives within two miles of Brother Rice.
  • *Irish Fellowship: Financial Need; 2.0 Cum. GPA; 2 great-grandparents from Ireland.
  • *Joe Johnston Memorial: Financial need; 3.0 Cum. GPA; Extracurriculars.
  • Nancy Kalata Memorial: Honor student; Community service; Should be JR/SR.
  • MOMS (Mustari/Orlando)/Memorial Scholarship: 2.5 GPA; Financial Need; Community service above required.
  • Brendan Murrihy Memorial: For students from Most Holy Redeemer parish; Extracurriculars; 2.0 Cum. GPA.
  • Dan O’Connell Memorial: 2.0 GPA; Financial Need.
  • *Dorothy and James Parker Scholarship: For students from Queen of Martyrs parish; 2.0 Cum. GPA; Financial need.
  • *Daniel Ruzich Memorial Scholarship: Financial need; 2.75 Cum. GPA; Extracurriculars at  Brother Rice, particularly sports.
  • Bruce E. Sloan Memorial: 2.5 GPA; Financial Need.
  • Richard Timothy Unsworth Memorial Scholarship:  Financial need; 3.0 GPA; Art courses at Brother Rice; interest in attending an accredited university and study art.
  • Tom Mikrut Scholarship: St. Catherine of Alexandria parishioner; Double community service.
  • Mrs. B Scholarship: 2.5 GPA, Extracurriculars, Community Service, Special consideration to St. Walter students and Crusader Band members, or interested in pursuing technology.
  • Gerald and Veronica Ferrick Scholarship: 2.75 minimum GPA; financial need.
  • Bill Hite Scholarship: Son of a union construction worker; financial need.
  • Bob Stevens Memorial Scholarship
  • Thomas Wortham Memorial Scholarship: son of Chicago Police Officer.
  • Wills Family Scholarship: St. Bernadette parishioner; financial need, community service, extracurriculars and an essay describing college intentions and plans beyond Brother Rice.
  • HomeRun Inn Scholarship: Student from Hometown/Oak Lawn area; preferably from a large family with financial need.
  • Huber Family Scholarship: Student from Evergreen Park or surrounding area with financial need.
  • Lawrence E. Platt Academic Scholarship: Upper-classman; Essay judged by Platt family committee.
  • St. Germaine Scholarship: Student or parent must be graduate of St. Germaine; maintain 2.5 GPA; complete service hours.
  • Richard Stillman Memorial Scholarship: Student from Oak Lawn; maintain 2.5 GPA; and financial need.
  • Jacob Schmitz memorial Scholarship: Son of a law enforcement officer, high academic achievement.
  • Dan Carbol Scholarship: Son of a Chicago Fire Department member, extracurriculars, financial need.


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