Algrbra Math Class

Algebra I Math Class for 8th Graders

Brother Rice High School is offering our Honors Algebra I math class for eighth grade students. This is an exciting program for students who excel in mathematics. The intent of this class is to begin students on the track to AP calculus as upperclassmen at Brother Rice.

We will be offering the placement test on Saturday, March 14, 2015, at 8:00 A.M. at Brother Rice High School. There is no fee to take this placement test. Test-takers should bring two pencils; a calculator may not be used. Please enter through the main entrance at 101st and real viagra online without prescription Pulaski Road. The test will take about one and one-half hours. Following the test, light refreshments and a tour of the look here campus will be offered to you and your family.

There is an exciting new development for our Honors Algebra Program. Because all freshmen and sophomores will use the Google Chromebook next year, we are implementing the Chromebook in our Eighth Grade Program as well. The fee for the course will be $600 and will include a Google Chromebook containing the online version of the text for this course along with a graphing calculator app. This means that the overall cost of the program will not change since a graphing calculator will not be required. The Chromebook will be the property of the student. If the student then comes to Brother Rice as a freshman, he will simply purchase the online version of his textbooks for his classes. The Chromebook will be used all four years. Insurance for the Chromebook is also available through Brother Rice..

If you are planning to take the placement test, please respond with your name and grade school via email to levitra 30 mg by March 7. We hope to see you on Saturday, March 14, 2015.

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