Brother Rice Alumni Golf Outing 2015

Best Ever Alumni Golf Outing

The 30th Annual Brother Rice Alumni Golf Outing was perhaps the best ever. With 224 golfers, 23 Corporate Sponsors, and 23 Hole Sponsors, every tee was filled with clear signs of continued support by alumni Crusaders of all ages having fun and raising funds for today’s Crusaders.

The Class of ’71 again led the way, with some who have attended all 30 outings, while totalling 19 classmates, more than doubling the next largest class, 1984, who had nine classmates, followed closely by 1974, who had 8 and then 1961, 1969, and 1975 who had 6 each. The 70’s led the way with 65 golfers, but the 80’s were also well represented with 51 guys from that decade, including 5 from 1986. The 90’s increased their attendance this year with 15 while the 00’s and 10’s added 20 alumni, due in large part to the increasing father and son twosomes, threesomes, and foursomes. The age range spanned 58 years of classes, with one from 1960 and one from 2018.

An additional $4,000 was raised on recommended site the par 3’s and through split the pot, with those funds targeted for Lifeguard, which is for the cheaest cialis professional increasing amount of students whose parents have trouble paying today’s tuition. Alumni and friends were reminded that many students who come from the same neighborhoods as older alumni, including many who now live in the same houses, can no longer afford today’s tuition, due in large part to the considerably reduced number of Christian Brothers who have taken vows of it's great! poverty, in order to make Catholic education more affordable for our parents. Happily, a few alumni also added generous pledges to Lifeguard, in addition to the funds raised on the shotmaker contests on the five par 3’s.

Happy faces spread throughout Gleneagles C.C. from 7:30 a.m. until later than 8:30 p.m., as the morning shotgun start featured 82 golfers while the afternoon group had 142 golfers. Alongside the alumni were more than 50 non-alumni, including many current and former teachers and coaches, while the McInerney foursome included three generations.

This is traditionally an outing of families and friends who have either already proven that their bonds to buy cialis online us each other and to Brother Rice are for a lifetime, or who plan to prove this by continuing to come together to support today’s Crusaders while enjoying a great day together. All alumni and friends are welcome to the Alumni Golf Outing, including single golfers connecting or reconnecting with fellow alumni.

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