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The Standard: Four Freshman Crusaders Make Track and Field History

Freshman 4×400 team Nehemiah Ray, Eddie Burke, Adrian Campos, and Joe Eloby

By: Michael Tinley ‘18

Four long-distance runners set a Brother Rice High School track and field frosh/soph four by four-hundred record. This race is widely regarded as the most exciting in all of track and field at any level of competition.

Four to eight teams each select four runners to compete. Each participant runs one full lap around the track with a metal baton – handing it off to their teammate next in order to run. When each team member has successfully run four-hundred meters around the track in total, a mile has been accomplished.

Luckily, Brother Rice Track and Field Head Coach Tom Wazio, picked the best four for the job.

Freshmen Nehemiah Ray, Eddie Burke, Adrian Campos, and Joe Eloby were trailing early in the race. Eloby admited, “We didn’t get off to the best start, but we didn’t lose our focus as a team.”

There are so many variables in a long distance relay race such as the four by four-hundred, that writing a team off or believing that a team has sealed a victory early in a race is meaningless. Mistakes happen, injuries occur, but some teams, simply turn it on. This is exactly what the freshman-built Crusader team decided to do. The latter portion of the race was executed perfectly, with the Crusaders crossing the finish line first.

“When I found out that our relay team broke the school record, it was an amazing feeling being able to have our names in Brother Rice track and field history,” stated Eddie Burke. More importantly, allowing Brother Rice’s youngest athletes to experience record-setting victory is crucial in their mental development. Athletic success not only motivates young high school athletes to excel in future competition, it can transfer to the classroom as well, shaping a recipe for academic and athletic success.

Congratulations to Nehemiah, Eddie, Adrian, and Joey on their excellent running in Evanston.

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