Brother Rice Crusader Crazies

Crusader Crazies Advance in the Battle of the Fans

Brother Rice has advanced to the second round of #BattleOfTheFans at CSN Chicago. Voting starts up again today (Monday) at noon and closes Thursday at 4:00 P.M. Our opponent in this round is Notre Dame’s Bullpen.

CSNChicago has made the following adjustments to voting:

The regional voting pages will be a Twitter-based polling system. The main informational page will still be housed on, but the regional page will now go straight to the following Twitter page for Brother Rice:  (@CSNHoopDreams) – Brother Rice

The main informational page ( will be updated mid-morning today to reflect the information above. By using Twitter, it ensures that all voting tallies during/post round will be as transparent as possible. Please note that there will no longer be unlimited voting. Only one vote, per Twitter handle, will be accepted.

Please tell everyone you know about the changes above and ask them to vote for the Brother Rice Crusader Crazies today through Thursday.

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