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Bobby Frasor Head Basketball Coach 2015 Edit

The Standard: Success Follows Frasor

By Jacob Munoz ‘17

When asked how he plans to use past experiences to assist his athletes, Brother Rice’s Bobby Frasor calls upon his background at alma-mater North Carolina.

“Whoever it may be,” Frasor says, “I always picked little bits and pieces from [those at UNC]: what made them successful, what made them special. Hopefully I can relate and tell those stories, and try to get our guys to absorb a bit of that and want some success here.”

Frasor, an ‘05 graduate and the new varsity basketball head coach, has good reasoning; he counts current NBA players Tyler Hansbrough and Danny Green and Tar Heels head coach Roy Williams among the figures. As a member of the UNC basketball team throughout college, Frasor picked up two Final Four appearances and a coveted NCAA Championship title. He went on to compete in Europe as a member of the teams BC Levski (Bulgari) and Achilleas Kaimakaliou (Cyprus). Later, Frasor had stints as aide video coordinator under Williams at UNC and Director of Basketball Operations with University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Notably, Frasor’s early triumphs originated with a standout career and 2005 McDonald’s All-American honors at Brother Rice. It is here that Frasor finds himself today, surrounded by his determined players.

“Mentality of the team, I think we’re excited right now,” remarked Coach Frasor. “[The] guys this summer have been great. They really enjoy each other’s company. They’ve done everything I’ve asked. So that’s all I can ask for right now.”

Frasor also won’t let the pressure of being a new coach and performing well faze him.

“Yeah, I think there’s pressure involved any time you’re becoming a head coach and people are going to have a magnifying glass on every move you do, but that’s part of the job.”

When asked about his goals for the team this season, Coach Frasor not only stated that he aims to win Brother Rice’s Catholic League division, but also to develop his athletes and make the season enjoyable for them.

“I just want to be competitive and get the guys playing hard every possession. I want them to learn how to play the game of basketball, but most importantly have fun while they’re doing it.”

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