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The Standard: Rice vs. Marist Legacy Lives On

By Luke Swiatek ‘18

The legacy of high school basketball between Brother Rice and Marist lives on as a thrilling game took place on January 19, 2018. The match-up between former Rice student Morgan Taylor and Rice’s star Marquise Kennedy was one that did not disappoint. Both players finished with almost thirty points, and they carried their teams through a thrilling first half. As the third quarter rolled around, the Crusaders struggled offensively as the Redhawks took a commanding lead. The Crusaders fought until the very end, but were not able to come back from the deficit, falling by a score of 52-42.

Although Rice lost the game in the end, all of the excitement and energy revolved around the Crusader Crazies. The balcony stands were packed to the brim with hyped up Rice students cheering on our guys. The Crazies went all out, using new chants, along with old classics to unanimously win the battle between fan sections. Even though Marist was winning most of the game, the Crazies blew their fans out of the gym with their energy and excitement throughout the game.

Senior Pat Bresnahan was with the Crazies during the game, and when asked about the game, he said “The game was super fun even though Rice lost. We had a tough third quarter, but even though we lost the game, I think our fan section dominated.”

The Rice vs. Marist game is exciting yer after year, and Rice will look to bounce back next season.


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