The Standard: Swimming New Lengths

By Joseph McMullen ‘19

Not everyone can have the honor and exhilaration of being at the top of the group in which he/she competes against. Reaching the top of the competition is one of the toughest and roughest challenges anyone can ever face. It is a rarity for this to be achieved.

Two of the Brother Rice Crusaders on the swimming team managed to surprise everyone and accomplish this terrific feat. Freshman Dylan Early fought his way to first place in the IHSA State Championship in the 50 and 100 yard freestyle, setting a state record in each event. This is Dylan’s second time being a state champion. Sophomore Seth Miller fought just as hard in the 100 yard butterfly. Due to Dylan and Seth’s efforts and accomplishments, they brought home a 2nd place State trophy for Brother Rice.

Dylan was elated to have gone to the IHSA State Championship and win two consecutive events, while setting new records in those events.

Dylan said, “It was a great experience.  It was great having Seth Miller and Coach Tony supporting me the whole day. There was a reasonable amount of down time in between my events, and Seth and Coach Tony made sure I was race ready.”

Sophomore Seth Miller was just as delighted. He thoroughly enjoyed the day just as much as Dylan did. For him, the will to swim was just as high.

“The day was very exciting and thrilling. Once you got to the pool with hundreds of athletes and thousands of spectators, your blood starts flowing and you feel your heart pounding in your chest,” Seth said. “The day overall went well, I stayed with my desired time going into the meet, which is a big accomplishment with all the previous rest I had coming up to the big meet.”

Neither of the two swimmers could have achieved his accomplishments without one another. Dylan and Seth both kept each other going through the entire day and were able to bring home a combined second place trophy.

Seth said “It felt great being able to compete at such a high level of athletes, and to be able to represent our school.”

Dylan said, “Without Seth, we could not have brought home the a 2nd place combined state trophy. Go Crusaders!”

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