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SouthtownStar: Brother Rice, Mother McAuley Band Together

It’s refreshing to see high schools collaborate to offer combined programs, such as the band program at Brother Rice and Mother McAuley high schools.

Band directors Daniel Briggs (Brother Rice) and Tony Rallis (Mother McAuley) have teamed up since 2013. When Briggs came aboard in 2011, there were only 39 students from both schools in the band program. In four years, the band has more than quadrupled in size and is now 165 strong.

An interesting fact is that the combined band is an academic class, and in some cases, an honors level class. It’s little wonder that student excellence comes out of each and every performance.

During the 2014 Independence Day parade in Washington, D.C., this band was one of only 15 bands participating from the entire nation, a high honor for sure.

The band program consists of four levels — beginning band, concert band, symphonic band and philharmonic band. There’s also a jazz band at Brother Rice and an Orchestra for Drama through Mother McAuley. For this school year, the band expanded to include a dance team that’s being led by Cassie Saunders, a teacher at Mother McAuley.

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Source: SouthtownStarReggie Sabadosa

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