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Chicago Tribune: Southside Irish Parade & Cross-Cultural Exchange – One International Student Leads the Way!

March 16th, 2015 – This weekend, Brother Rice student Henry Yau led the Brother Rice and Mother McAuley marching band in this weekend’s Southside Irish Parade. This was uniquely American experience for Henry, whose American education was made possible by Brother Rice High School’s partnership with gphomestay, which strives to expand human perspectives and global harmony through education.

Since 2011, gphomestay has proudly located and recruited committed host families within partner schools’ communities. Gphomestay is levitra pill proud to have been approved as an educational services provider by the Council on Standards for International Travel (CSIET), an organization that establishes standards for international programs at the high school level, acknowledges gphomestay’s commitment to providing a safe and accommodating homestay.

Students like Henry not only offer their local communities an opportunity for cultural exchange, but also learn how to become part of the buy real levitra online communities that host them. Their American experience is about so much more than the classes they take. It’s about the places they visit, the foods they try and the lifelong friendships they make.

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Source: Chicago Tribune

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