Dads’ Club and Alumni Dads’ Club Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the Brother Rice Dads’ and Alumni Dads’ Club
Holiday Raffle:

1st Prize $5,000: Tom Miller
2nd Prize $1,000: Jack Mahoney
3rd Prize $500: Br. Toole Scholarship
4th Prize $250: Amedee Mathelier
5th Prize $100: Mark Gorski
6th Prize $100: Edward & JoAnn Holba
7th Prize $100: Tom Panfil
8th Prize $100: Lisa Mebs
9th Prize $100: Donna O’Keefe
10th Prize $100: George Dulzo
11th Prize $100: Don Kush
12th Prize $100: Bob Hart
13th Prize $100: Chuck Kokos
14th Prize $100: Jim Cogan
15th Prize $100: Joe Scozio
Seller of Five $100 John Murphy

Thank you to everyone who supported this year’s Holiday Raffle!

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