• The main office phone number for Brother Rice High School is 773-429-4300.
  • The main office fax number for Brother Rice High School is 773-779-5239.
  • The extension for the “Crusader Cares” Hotline is 222. Please feel free to use this hotline to leave any information in anonymity. We will take action on information given as appropriate. Thank you for helping make Brother Rice High School a safer place.
  • You can reach a faculty or staff member by dialing the main phone number (773-429-4300) and then by asking for or dialing his or her extension.
  • Click on a faculty or staff member’s name if it is underlined in blue to send an e-mail message to him or her using your default e-mail program.


School Administration Extension Position
Dr. Kevin Burns 113 President
Mr. James P. Antos 102 Principal
Mr. Robert Alberts ’85

Mr. M. Jacob Mathius



Associate Principal – Academics

Assistant Principal/Dean of Students

Mr. Kevin Larson

Mr. Mike McShane ’87



Vice President – Advancement

Vice President – Advancement

Mr. Jim Casey ’70 156 Vice President – Alumni
Mr. Michael Hurley 125 Treasurer
Mr. Phil Cahill 146 Athletic Director
Mr. Tim O’Connell ’03

Mr. Bob Frasor ’05



Director of Admissions

Director of Admissions

Mr. Kirk Bosi 273 Director of Buildings and Grounds
Mr. Pat Creed ’06 118 Director of Counseling
Mr. Ed Sochacki ’91 115 Director of Marketing
Ms. Becky Pacetti 395 Director of Student Activities
Mrs. Sandra Jones 108 Director of Technology



Mr. Al Albanese 147 Theology II, Theology III, Theology IV: World Cultures
Mr. Robert Alberts ’85 112 Associate Principal – Academics
Mr. Jim Antos 109 Principal, Vietnam, Vietnam H
Mrs. Samantha Antos 117 Guidance Counselor
Mr. Joe Augustyn 174 Campus Minister, Theology III, Theology IV
Mr. Brian Badke ’92 263 Head Football Coach
Mr. Denis Bergstedt 356 Pre-Calculus BC, AP Calculus BC, Advanced Algebra H
Mr. Kirk Bosi 273 Director of Buildings and Grounds
Mrs. Beverly Buciak 129 Head Librarian
Mr. Phil Cahill 146 Athletic Director
Mrs. Marta Carbol 358 Spanish II; Spanish III; Spanish IV, IV H;     AP Spanish
Mr. Jim Casey ’70 156 Vice President – Alumni
Mrs. Cindy Charters 315 Calculus H, Geometry, Adv. Geometry, Plane Geometry
Br. Tom Collins 219
Mrs. Jo Anne Collins 397 Algebra I, Geometry
Mrs. Debbie Cook 111 Administrative Assistant, Main Office
Mrs. Sindy Corona 440 Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Darlene Diehl 109 Administrative Assistant to the Principal/Registrar
Mr. Mike Dolan 362 AP Government, AP U.S. History H, Psychology, Psychology H
Ms. Eve Donnelly 385 English II, English III, English IV H, AP English Language
Mr. Max Dunne 365 Anatomy, Biology, Integrated Science
Mr. Dan Dwyer ’88 169 U.S. History,  Theology IV: Christian Marriage
Mrs. Donna Eastman 149 Administrative Assistant, Institutional Advancement
Mr. Eric Elget 341 Pre-Algebra, Algebra II, Statistics
Mrs. Michelle England 368 English I, English II, English II H
Mrs. Chris Forbes 372 English I, Reading I
Mr. Bob Frasor ’05 151, 133 Director of Admissions, Head Basketball Coach (basketball office)
Mr. Tom Gibson ’09  384 Physical Education
Mr. Bill Gleeson 337 Physical Education I, U.S. History, World War II, World War II H
Mr. Marty Grogan ’73 373 AutoCAD I, Microsoft Office
Mrs. Jon Lee Hall 184 English I H, English III H, English IV, AP English Literature
Br. Patrick Hayes 173 Physics, Physics H
Mrs, Heather Hinde 145 Administrative Assistant – Athletic
Mrs. Mary Lynn Hollendoner 153 Finance Office
Mr. Mike Hurley 125 Treasurer
Mrs. Mary Beth Jantz 116 Administrative Assistant – Guidance
Mrs. Lynda Jaros 176 Art I & I H, Art II & II H, Art III & III H
Mr. Randy Johnson 388 Theology I, Theology III
Mrs. Sandra Jones-Thomas 108 Director of Technology
Mr. Mark Klutcharch ’82 171 Theology I: Old Testament
Ms. Marjorie Leahu 268 Athletic Trainer
Mrs. Therese Liston 456 Attendance Office Manager
Dr. Leslie Luxem 326 German I & IH, German II & II H, German III & III H, German IV & IVH, AP German
Mrs. Debbie Lynch 389 Spanish I H, Spanish II H, Spanish III H
Mr. Tim Lyons ’92 137 Global Studies, World History
Mrs. Lisa Marley 131 Audiovisual Manager/Duplicating Supervisor
Mrs. Peggy Mason 126 Bookstore Manager
Mr. Doc Mathius 121 Assistant Principal – Dean of Students
Kevin J. McAlinden Head Soccer Coach
Mr. Tom McAuliffe 477 AP Economics, AP Modern European History, World History, World History H
Mr. John McCarthy 120, 272 Guidance Counselor, Head Baseball Coach
Mr. Mike McShane ’87 143 Vice President
Mr. Don Molenda 387 Chemistry, Chemistry H, AP Chemistry
Mr. Daniel Mostyn 394 Integrated Science, PLTW POE
Tim O’Connell ’03 123  Director of Admissions
Ms. Becky Pacetti 395 Director of Student Activities, English I H, Journalism I, I H, II H
Mr. Steve Parker  299 Code HS, IT Essentials, Web Development
Mr. Bob Peters 299 Accounting, Business Law, Business Entrepreneurship
Mrs Cathy Plumb  0 Main Office Assistant
Mr. Al Rendak 135 Band Director – Band, Beginning Band, Chorus, Concert Band, Symphonic Band H, Music Appreciation, WND Band H
Mr. Pat Richardson 132 Physical Education I, U.S. History, Vietnam, Vietnam H
Mr. John Rolence 355 English II, English III
 Mrs. Janet Rzeszutko 333 French I & I H, French II & II H, French III & III H, French IV & IVH
Mrs. Sue Barry-Salmon 150 School Nurse
Mrs. Kay Scaletta 270 Algebra I, Pre-Calculus
8th Grade Math Program Coordinator
Mrs Judy Schramm 165 Finance Office
Mrs. Ellen Smith  375 Spanish I, Spanish II
Ms. Susan Stanley 307 Biology, Earth Science
Mrs Mary Strahlman 374 Algebra I H, Geometry H, AP Calculus AB
Mrs. Amanda Stratton 140 Administrative Assistant – Alumni
Mr. Kyle Swynenburg 193 Algebra I H, Algebra II/Trig
Mrs. Dawn Tobar 152 Cafeteria Director
Mrs. Karen Van Assen 337 English III, English IV, Theology 2
Mr. Rob Vogt  313 English I, English II, Broadcast I, I H, II H
Mr. Tom Wazio ’97 324 Biology H, Chemistry


Office or Other General Area Extension
Admissions Office 123
Athletic Training Room 268
Attendance Office 456
Baseball Hotline 271
Baseball Office 272
Basketball Office 132
Bookstore 126
Cafeteria 152
Catapult 245
“Crusader Cares” Hotline 222
Deans’ Office 456
Finance Office 165
Football Office 137
Health Office 150
Main Office 0
Maintenance Shop 273
Nurse’s Office 150
Pool Office 134
Recruiting Office 123
Spanish Inquiries 347
Wrestling Office 270

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