Dual Credit/AP Courses

Dual Credit

The Dual Credit Course opportunity consists of 11 junior and senior level courses which are accredited as college level courses. This program is done in conjunction with St. Xavier University, Loyola University, Moraine Valley CC, and St. Mary’s University (MN).


  • Marketing, 3 Credits (St. Xavier)
  • Accounting, 3 Credits (St. Xavier)
  • IT Essentials, 7 Credits (Moraine Valley)
  • Cisco Academy, 12 Credits(Moraine Valley)
  • Psychology, 6 Credits (Moraine Valley)
  • Physics, 4 Credits (St. Marys)
  • English III, 3 Credits (St. Marys)
  • English IV, 3 Credits (St. Marys)
  • German IV, 6 Credits (Loyola)
  • French IV, 6 Credits (Loyola)
  • Spanish IV, 6 Credits (Loyola)


Advanced Placement Courses

There are 15 Advanced Placement level courses available at Brother Rice, beginning in Sophomore year. Our pass rate hovers between 70-80%, compared to state norm of 60%.

The class of 2014 featured 36 AP Scholars (students who passed 3 or more AP Exams). Between the Dual Credit and AP programs , it is very common for Brother Rice grads to enter college with AT LEAST one semester worth of college credit hours. This makes our students much more attractive to colleges and passes along significant savings
to their families.

AP Courses

  • AB Calculus
  • BC Calculus
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Economics—Micro
  • Economics—Macro
  • U.S. Government
  • U.S. History
  • European History
  • English—Composition
  • English—Literature
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish


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