Brother Rice Odelson and Napleton Hall of Fame 2015

Odelson and Napleton Inducted Into the Hall of Fame

Brother Rice High School is honored to welcome the newest members into the Hall of Fame, Burt Odelson and Ed Napleton ‘69. Over the years, these two men have been instrumental in leading our school in a number of different areas.

Burt Odelson, current chairman of the Brother Rice Board of Directors, has worn a number of hats throughout his time with Brother Rice. Beginning as the parent of Josh ‘01 and Dustin ‘05, Odelson saw his two boys graduate from Brother Rice and took an active role during their time here. He acted as an assistant hockey coach while Josh was on the team; during their tenure, the team won a JV Kennedy Cup championship in 2000 and varsity Kennedy Cup championship in 2001.

After the boys graduated, Burt Odelson took his involvement to another level. He became a member of the Brother Rice Board of Directors, and he has fulfilled the role of chairman of the board for the past five years. Throughout the entire time Odelson has been associated with Brother Rice High School, he has become an invaluable donor to its mission of providing a quality education to the young men of the community. His financial contributions were instrumental in the renovation of the football field, and he provided the funds for an updated classroom in 2003. Most recently, Odelson signed on to completely fund the repurposing of that same classroom as the new broadcasting studio for Brother Rice students. It is through efforts such as these that Burt Odelson has touched the lives of so many Crusaders.

Ed Napleton ‘69 has been a leading donor for major campaigns at Brother Rice for twenty years. He has annually sponsored ads, foursomes, and prizes for many events hosted by the school and the Alumni Association. Napleton co-chaired the “Our Crusade Continues” capital campaign, which raised over two million dollars for Brother Rice High School. He has also been a consistent participant and sponsor of the annual Endowment Classic, now known as the Foundation Golf Outing, which raises more than $30,000 annually.

Last August, Ed Napleton wrote one check for thirty-six $450 entries to the golf outing for family and friends. He has annually made the Brother Rice Foundation Outing a Napleton family outing, even though the family could choose from many other clubs to play golf and have dinner together. Followed by his brothers Steve ’71, Jerry ’73, Paul ’76, Bill ’79, and Bob ’81, it was that and countless other interactions that eventually led to Ed becoming the fourth largest donor in Brother Rice history.

Brother Rice High School is grateful for the support of Burt Odelson and Ed Napleton ‘69. Their generous donations of time, funds, and enthusiasm has helped make Brother Rice a leader in academic excellence.

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