The Standard: BR Offers New Senior English Class

By Joseph McMullen ‘19

At Brother Rice High School, there is a diverse assortment of classes that students can choose to take. Many of these classes are considered electives. Journalism is currently an elective; however, as of next year, journalism will turn into an English IV course.

The curriculum of the class involves students learning how to write news articles for the online newspaper, The Standard, and how to create a unique yearbook that will capture and reflect the moments of the school year.

Some of the skills needed for this class are listening, writing, observing, designing, and patience. These skills are keys to succeeding in journalism. For The Standard and the yearbook, students will have to conduct interviews with people involved with a specific topic, story, or activity in order to obtain facts, opinions, and experiences. Students will need to be able to take any photos necessary for their articles and yearbook pages.

Mrs. Pacetti is the teacher for the class. With a strong desire for writing, she is excited for next year. Mrs. Pacetti stated, “I am thrilled that I will be able to teach a subject that I truly enjoy, and I hope my students will not only hone their writing skills, but also develop skills in interviewing, observing, and reporting, which are necessary to communicate effectively in print and digital media today.”

Many of the juniors are thrilled to have signed up for the journalism class and they are eager to give it a try. One of the elated juniors is Patrick McAuliffe. “I am very excited for journalism,” said Pat. “I cannot wait for next year.”

Junior Will Wintry is also excited for the journalism class. “I wanted to take a class that was closely related to broadcasting,” said Will. “I also wanted to take the class because I feel like it would look good for colleges. I was looking forward to studying classes related to journalism, broadcasting, or even scripting in college. I am definitely looking forward to the class.”

Journalism is not going to be an easy class. This should not stop any students from giving this class a chance, though. Journalism is supposed to be a difficult class. At the same time, it is a fun class. Being able to design the style of the yearbook is an amazing privilege.

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