The Standard: Building for the Fun and For the Better

By Joseph McMullen ‘19
From building parts for a vacuum to building an underwater robot, the robotics team is always hard at work. The team was made for students who want to put their creative minds to the test in order to build contraptions of desire. The team always welcomes new members and any returning members to help out with the projects that they want to get done.

The main projects currently being built by the robotics team are the following: prosthetic hands, a meteorite collector, and an underwater robot.

The prosthetic hands are being worked on by a few of the members, including Nicholas Perez and Matthew McCormick. The team’s goal for the number of prosthetic hands that need to be made by the end of the school year is about 20 hands. Matt says that they are making the hands to “end up shipping them to a school in South Carolina, and from there, they are going to give them out to kids who need them.” In order to do this, the robotics team is receiving help form the advocacy club to set up a workshop in the spring to speed up the production of the prosthetic hands for the children.

The meteorite collector is being worked on by some other members, including Vincent Zampillo, Nicholas Kaminski, and Nolan Greene. This project is going to be used to collect and store meteorites from a lake. Nolan says, “We have a prototype of a dredge. We are testing different objects and hope to add magnets in the future, so we can separate the meteorites from the other sediment in the lake.”

The underwater robot is being worked on by a few members, including Liam Coughlin. The
underwater robot’s main objective is to be used in competitions to see how well the robot can
pick up items off of the bottom of a swimming pool. Liam is glad to be helping with the team on
creating the robot and says “so far, this year, has been a better than the last. We are optimistic
that this is going to be the best year.”

The robotics team is always looking for new members if any of these projects appear
interesting. Any student that would like to join will be welcomed by Mr. Mostyn and the team.
Good luck to the robotics team for another year of building for the fun and for the better.

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