The Standard: Michael Tinley ‘18 Takes Home First in Video Contest

By Luke Swiatek ‘18
Michael Tinley, a senior here at Brother Rice, was the recipient of a prestigious award for creating a film based on the prompt, “What Does God Mean to You?” Tinley and two of his long time friends, Eric Ramirez and Jon Hammons, were asked to create this video through a contest.

Tinley explained some of the preparations for creating the video: “We literally produced the video in less than a day. The majority of the cinematography you see in the video is mine from past experiences and projects, but three or four of the shots were filmed on Rice’s campus the day before it was due, with the help of Jon’s lenses and his own camera. After I typed up the script, Eric recorded himself reading the script and mixed the audio for a higher quality voiceover. Then I went home to edit the video on my computer. Writing the voiceover, recording and mixing the voiceover, and then editing the whole video was all done in under four before the deadline.”

Tinley and his partners were quite confident about the whole project. He thought his chances were good for taking home first place. Michael said, “I think we all had a feeling that we might have a chance to win because we were going up against essay submissions based on the same prompt; we knew the video would be more creative and fresh.”

The victory in the contest proved to be substantial to Michael, Eric, and Jon, as all three of them have interests in the digital or multi medias. Tinley expressed the value of their victory: “Music, videography, and photography are the three main passions we possess. But there are never really any true ‘competitions’ when it comes to creative content other than on the national or global stage. So once we heard about the contest, we decided to give it a shot and try to win it.” Along with the moral victory for Tinley and his partners, they also each received separate 50 dollar checks, and the video was widely shared through the contest.

Tinley says that he is looking to pursue an opportunity to work in a creative director position for a sports brand or a professional sports organization. The video did a great job of exhibiting the purpose of the prompt, as it mentioned basic common principles about the life that all people can follow and align with regardless of religion or beliefs, which was the main goal of the video.

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