The Standard: Remembering Kenny Williams

By Michael Tinley ‘18


It seems as though the Brother Rice community has been losing loved ones all too often as of late.


Christmas is a time where we should cherish our families and friends, and we were sternly reminded of this aspect to the holiday season when Kenny Williams suddenly passed away on December 29, 2018.


Kenny was a maintenance technician at Brother Rice, never once shying away from any given task. Whether it was checking up on a student in the halls, fishing at Tampier Lake, or helping a colleague with a household fix, he was always willing to help – smiling through it all.


On January 26, 2018, an all-school assembly was held in remembrance of Kenny which featured student and faculty reflections on their precious moments spent with him. Kenny’s shining character was best illustrated by Spanish teacher, Ms. Carbol, and senior, Anthony Raphael McElroy.


Ms. Carbol explained the unconditional support Kenny showed after the passing of her late husband. With both of her sons serving in the military and no one to assist her around the house, Kenny took the initiative, offering a helping hand whenever he could.


Anthony recalled a special moment where Kenny made sure to gift him a new fishing pole after Anthony briefly mentioned it was his birthday. Although forever grateful, Anthony never expected Kenny to make such a gesture stating that, “My friendship with Kenny was all I needed.”


Both stories gave a perfect glimpse into the honorable life Kenny lived, day in and day out.


From the early mornings picking up students from the train station, all the way to the endless Sunday afternoons spent fishing, Kenny was a model Crusader, spreading his kind and caring nature to everyone he met and always going the extra mile for a fellow Crusader.

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