The Standard: Scenarios of Wonder

By Joseph McMullen ‘19

Many Brother Rice alumni from a variety of careers came through the doors of Brother Rice High School on Wednesday, March 7. This day is known as Career Day. Career Day is the one day for professionals from different fields to tell the juniors and seniors about their professions, assignments, and advice.

The professions that these Brother Rice graduates actively work in range from accountants to firemen, from football referees to pipe fitters, and from producers to FBI agents.

Many of the students were amazed to hear the stories of the graduates. Junior Myles Hopkins said, “It was interesting to have them come in, talk about their stories and about their jobs and about Brother Rice, and see how they relate them to their lives.”

Junior Dan Reardon agreed with this statement. He said, “It was interesting. Having them talk about their stories helped me to figure out what I want to do in the future and what I want to try.”

Multiple students loved hearing about the different jobs of these Brother Rice graduates. The whole day was filled with excitement as the professionals spoke about their past and current careers. Many students were astonished and compelled by the back stories of the alumni.

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