The Standard: Seeing McAuley’s Les Misérables This Fall May Actually Make You Smilel

By Marc Ridgell ’19

On September 11 through 15, Mother McAuley held their annual auditions for their fall musical. This year, they will be producing Les Misérables, a play that takes place in 19th century France. The story behind this musical is about Jean Valjean, a man who has broken his parole and is being chased by Javert, a cruel policeman. After this fiasco, he changes his identity and begins to take care of a factory worker’s daughter.

Has your mind jumped from being interested to being confused? Yeah, me too. This is really a depressing story, but if you can see past the sadness, angst, and poverty, you may actually enjoy this presentation! If you have seen the movie, or if you just like theatre, plan to come to McAuley’s version of the show on November 16, 17, and 18.

For auditions, seven to eight individuals line up to go on stage and once on stage, each person performs his or her song. Since “Les Mis” is a musical, the entire play is song-based. However, if a person does not want to sing and would prefer to act, he or she may be chosen to be part of the ensemble. For the ensemble, each person will typically sing with a group of others. In addition, those who want to be placed in the more technical side of theater behind the scenes can sign up for stage or costume crew.

I myself auditioned for the musical and made ensemble, which is what I was hoping to do. Everyone who tried out that day received impressive roles! Come and support everyone so they can “break a leg,” which is theater-speak for “good luck.”

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