The Standard: Superhero Homecoming Takes Off at BR

By: Luke Swiatek ‘18

Homecoming week at Brother Rice was filled with all kinds of fun, activities, and most importantly, superheroes. It was spirit week here at Brother Rice and the theme for spirit week, along with homecoming, was Superhero Homecoming. Students of all grade levels showed their school spirit each day by dressing down in the colors or costumes specified for each day.

During lunch periods, the students took part in various activities, which included bounce house boxing and jousting. The seniors took charge with the school spirit and provided a good example for the young freshmen, and maybe some sophomores, to realize that having school spirit is a good thing and doesn’t make you “lame” or “uncool.”

As Friday rolled around, the pep rally took place during seventh and eighth periods. Everyone gathered in the gym as the fall sports teams were recognized for their accomplishments this season so far. Students and teachers were then selected for various games and activities, the main ones being the “bucket boys,’ who are a group of students who drummed on buckets during the pep rally, and the teacher versus student broom hockey “Kryptonite” game.

The pep rally was a good way to get everyone amped up for the football game that took place that night, and the dance that took place the next night. Senior Jack Zampillo commented about the week, saying, “Spirit week was a ton of fun this year, and I loved the theme. I think all the guys had a good time, especially at the football game and at the dance.” Overall, spirit week was a success as many students showed their pride in Brother Rice.

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